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The Future of Hearing

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Our experienced Soundperience audiology team deals with hearing solutions for your market. While auditory processing has been limited to peripheral hearing for many years, it now gains from rapidly increasing knowledge and awareness in central/cognitive auditory processing. Soundperience is developing solutions for consumers to not only have optimal acoustic-physical amplification but also an optimized stimulation of cognitive auditory processing.
Psychoacoustics play an integral role in audiological solution models. Supra-threshold perception size is our newest undertaking that we strongly believe will only strengthen our thesis.

Hearing Innovations

The decreasing number of hearing aid manufacturers is limiting new innovation and options for consumers with a more advanced hearing loss. While, a few years ago, there was the chance of getting an optimal configuration for a hearing impaired customer with more advanced needs, today the existing approach and and techniques are invariable and interchangeable.
Soundperience applies applications in different areas based on the user’s scope. By doing this, we are creating new innovations for new markets. We make solutions for special products and applications and seek new perspectives, where we can profit from innovative hearing solutions.

Hearing Technologies

Progress in hearing technologies has historically been achieved by integration of new audiological basics in modern hearing technology. However, due to new discoveries in cognitive auditory processing and psychoacoustics, modern hearing aids have to be considered in new and different way. Until today, hearing technologies focused on filtering interfering acoustic elements. Now we know, that with rising requirements of communication, those technologies have reached their useful limit and have to be thought in new ways. New hearing technologies are based on cognitive processing rather than managing bothersome noise. Soundperience is developing models for modern hearing technology design based on cognitive and supra-threshold models.

Apps and Software

User-Interfaces, Apps, Software - all of them are in the center of modern hearing technologies and solutions. Soundperience recognized the market needs for these technologies and has been a first mover in their use and implementation. In 2010 we developed our software – creators of the first tablet-based hearing applications using Apple’s very first iPad. Today we have developed many generations of hearing analysis, fitting and service applications for a wide variety of mobile devices. Soundperience is creating software for all markets – easily customized for specific technical infrastructure, educational level and for whatever devices are available. That way we can ensure a safe and successful application of the newest hearing technologies around the world.